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Listed are health and outpost classes. Many of these classes are taken for the semester in progress. Note that you must enroll in these classes and pass them, otherwise you will miss them the following semester because you will not have the requirements to take the upcoming classes. How do I know which ones fall within the current semester: You can see the schedule of classes posted below. You can take the courses as they are listed below:

Steps to enroll

It is important that all those interested in studying with us, register as a user and log in, that is the first step. Without this step there is no point in enrolling because the platform will not know to whom to assign the classes. If you log in early, it will be very easy to enroll in various classes because the steps to follow will be shortened.


In order to enroll in any of the classes, whether free or not, the person must register on the platform and log in as a user. This is of high importance because the classes must be assigned to a user, if the person does not log in the classes may not be assigned and when the person searches for them he/she may not find them.
To start the process, you must go to the “Login” option at the top of the site.


In this step you must select the option “Register” as indicated in the image, you will be asked for a user name that does not have to have a space and be a short word and then an email; note that this email will be sent a link to create a password so the email you put must be valid and you must be able to enter to check it. It often happens that among so many emails, the person does not find anything but the system sends it to him/her without exception.

For your convenience, it is possible to log in and even register with your social media account. This option will shorten the process in this step.


If you are already enrolled in one or more courses, you will see the classes and you will be able to enter them but at the beginning when you register for the first time, nothing is shown because in the next steps is that you are going to enroll, after registering comes enrolling.

We encourage you to take as many as you can because time for training is getting harder and harder and soon sites like this one will no longer be allowed.

Some classes are free, you can take them without problems and others have a value to maintain the Institute, the funds raised are used to pay for the needs to operate and expand work in many countries.


After logging in as a student in the previous step, you must go to the list of courses that are published at the top of this page or you can go to them directly in the following link, take the one you want to study.


To enter one of the classes, simply select it and the platform will direct you to that content. In the content, the person must select the “Start now” option to enroll (if the class is free). When you press “Start Now” the platform will show you that you are working and after one minute it will automatically direct you to the Guided Learning Environment that we use to deliver the knowledge.

If you want to take another class, just go to it and repeat the steps, you can take as many classes as you want and intend to learn.

In the following times you return to study your classes, remember to first log in at step 1, then go to the course you wish to continue and select the “Continue” button.

If you do not log in first, the button will show “Start now” again and force you to start your classes from the beginning.

Class Schedule semester 04-2023



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